Like Fine Wine: A Head-to-Toe Youth Restoring Makeover for Ladies Over Forty

  • Like Fine Wine A Head To Toe Youth Restoring Makeover for Ladies Over Forty

A fifty year old woman can easily look anywhere from thirty-five to sixty-five. And these days, ever looking “old” at all has become optional. Like Fine Wine is loaded with tips and tricks for every income and interest level. Get rid of wrinkles and age spots. Get more hair and a safe tan. Fix the backs of your hands, your forehead, neck, and teeth. Plump your lips, get more brows and lashes. Lift your bust, get thin and toned, revamp your makeup, clothes, accessories, shoes and jewelry. Improve your poise and your mind. And more! This book packs a punch to glam up every fine wine lady’s look, head to toe, from inexpensive quick fixes to major undertakings, plus a few exotic secrets!